First and foremost, any blog I undertake is about my life, about my process as an awakening human being, and about all manner of things I observe in my inner and outer worlds.  But the whole point of the blog is intimated in its tagline:


It is my belief that as we open up to truly sharing with one another about our experiences, our struggles and our victories, our fears and our devotions, our joys and our sorrows, we will be able to work through the things that seem to divide us, and find a fertile middle ground on which we can all stand in mutual respect, if not harmony.  On this fertile ground, we will be able to build a new world.

In the larger vision, I BELIEVE in the attainment of harmony, as well.  It’s not going to fall out of the sky onto our heads, though.  We’re going to have to work hard for it – through expanded consciousness and consistently taking the high road in all areas of our lives.

There are many of us who hold the vision of a better world through cooperative living and mutual consideration.  It sometimes seems an impossible goal, considering the trend of human attitudes and events as of late, but it’s not.  It’s all about taking responsibility for our own square foot on the planet, and about encouraging and supporting others in doing the same.  One square foot at a time, and we heal all the damage that’s been done – to the Earth, and to every inhabitant upon Her.

 As we heal individually, we will naturally form into cooperative communities, and with the benefits of our expanded awareness, developing compassion, and yearning for peaceful coexistence, we will transform our existence.

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