Today is a New Day

I have let this site lay fallow for many years.  So much was going on with the site itself (spammers, hackers) and with my personal life (too much of everything “bad”), that there was just no time or peace of mind to work on it.  I finally decided the stand-alone software I was using was not doing the job at protecting the site that I wanted (had to trash the forums, before I trashed the whole site, because 90% of the membership was fake accounts, and I could not tell them apart from the few real ones).  Now I am on WordPress, with a Premium account, which says it works to keep spam and hackers at bay.  I am certainly hoping so.

Since my site is a blog, and there was nothing that could be transferred over, this will be a work in progress for a while.  That’s cool.  I plan to get back on track with writing a little bit every day.  Or most days, in any case (who can really predict how EVERY day will go?).

Being that it is a blog, there will be a plethora of ideas going on here.  Some will focus on personal experience in my life, some will have to do with larger matters in the world at large.  So long as I keep my mind for a while, there is a lot of material I wish to cover.  I have linked the site to my Page on Facebook, so posts should show up there automatically, as I post them.  We’ll see how that goes.  I don’t trust much of anything until I see it, these days.

This is not – for all the name may cause you to believe – a Light and Love blog.

Oh, yes, I DO believe and practice these things in my life.  But as a writer, and as an authentic human being, I tend to be pretty straightforward in my writing, so I will rant and rave from time to time (to a purpose) and I am not afraid of cursing.  I simply do not embrace the philosophy of Pollyannaism.  So be forewarned.  LOL  Since this is not a “spiritual business”, I feel no need to wear a flawless facade to ensure I don’t insult anyone so that my profit is maximized.  You get me utterly as I am.  The people who get me will read.  Those who don’t, won’t.  All of that is OK.  I am not here to win a popularity contest or to please people.  I am here to try and discuss things that I feel are important – or at the very least, somewhat interesting.  I know from past experience that not everyone cringes when they see a “fuck” in the midst of my writing.  I am a proponent of using ALL the words at my disposal.  I don’t believe in “bad words”.

I went through a lot of really tough things in the last several years, which only served to strengthen my spiritual practice and to deepen my desire to be of service through my writing.  I am not a trained author (as you will certainly soon realize), but I am a BORN writer.  My mom used to joke that I came out of the womb with a pencil in my hand, and I have not stopped scribbling ever since.  Just, I hope, the scribbling has become more purposeful and intelligent with time.  I am on the other side of most of my personal troubles, now, relocated to a new State, with a whole new life in front of me.  While I will share things of the past for the sake of others getting to know a little about me, I will largely be focusing on the present and the future – because we are in extraordinarily difficult and amazing times, and there is much to address about them.

So, stay tuned, as I get the place up to some speed.  It’ll take a while, since I don’t want to post stuff just to post – I DO want the site to be of some actual value.  I hope you can find things here, as it grows, that will be of service to you and others.